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We have come a long way since a group of visionary teachers came together  almost 27 years ago creating what we’ve got today: URUTESOL. 

We have reached many of our goals but we have many more challenges ahead. 


That’s what makes us feel really alive in this profession we are immersed in and that’s why we create time after time the necessary resources to take really good care of those who are momentarily in our hands. Making them grow and think, being part of a world which is constantly changing but at the same time facing realities which are well based  in a solid ground where they can stand firmly, whatever they have chosen to be or do. And most of it all, using the language we, as educators, have  provided them as one of their tools .


So, this is the time for us to start or continue our development as educators.  This is one of the aims of URUTESOL. We have come together many times with most of you but there are also many of you who will become part of this community very soon and what’s best is that you will be part of it again cause we have listened to you as well.


In addition to what we have achieved up to now, which has positioned  us as one of the best associations in South and Central America, we are thinking about substantial changes for the NEW URUTESOL, facing not only the demands of the 21st century but also the necessary approach and benefits our members need . In the end we can really  say that URUTESOL is the association of teachers of English we can be proud of.

Board 2015
President: Gabriel Lanzaro  
1st. Vice President: Gilda Battagliese  Alejandro Diharce
2nd. Vice President: Nicolás Dantaz Loreley Milán
Corresp. Secretary: Victoria Dieste Lourdes Achard
Recording Secretary: William Machado Elisa Costa
Treasurer: Julio Barreiro Linda Bimson
Member at Large 1
Maria Elena Schnyder Richard Fontoura
Member at Large 2
Andrea Repetto Enrique Morrone
Member at Large 3
Ignacio Silveira Mabel Ariano
Fiscal Committee
Fiscal commission


   Ana Brú

 Diego Fabregas

   Rosa Pagani  Vivian Suarez
   Kenia Pignata  Maribel Fernández
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